A wine Must not only taste good, but also be sincere, reflecting the subtleties of its place of origin.


Coulée of Serrant

7 hectares (lha = 2.471 acres)

The vineyard was planted in 1130 by Cistercian monks.


3 hectares

AIl three appellation are planted with the chenin vine variety.

The vines planted over the last five years were taken from cuttings selected from the oldest vines on the Coulée de Serrant vineyard (vines dating back to 1920).

This careful selection reinforces the subtleties that the vineyard has expressed over the centuries. The average age of the vines at the Coulée de Serrant is 30 years.

The domaine started biodynamic farming in 1980. Since 1984, the entire vineyards has been farmed biodymalically. Since 1984, no synthetic chemical products, insecticides, systemic products or nitrates have been usel on the property.

A small amount of sulphur and “bouillie bordelaise” (copper and lime) are sprayed each year on the vines (about 10 kilos of “bouillie bordelaise” per hectare, the équivalent of 2,5 kilos of copper). Sulphur has a beneficial effect when the vines are in flower. The amount of copper is limited, an excess would be harmful to the life of the soil.

The grape pickers go througs the vines a number of times over the harvest period. The picking period can sometimes stretch over a period of a couple of months, to en able the bunches to be picked only when they are ripe.