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Biodynamic growers rejoice ! The successes of alternative agriculture have seldom been more apparent than in the high, broad acclaim for wines of the Coulée de Serrant vineyards. Joly has tapped the rich bounty nature possesses and profited by it.

Here, you will find agricultural methods that are proven and which offer a radically different approach to the destructive, chemical-dependent practices of modern viticulture. As Frank Prial of The New York Times noted, « [Nicolas Joly’s] disciples are legion: winemakers from all over Europe come to sit at his feet. Getting to know a great Loire chenin blanc by starting with Saveunieres is like getting to know music by starting with a late Beethoven quartet. »

Learn the best biodynamic methods to grow delicious wines from a master grower. Robert Parker, in his Wine Buyer’s Guide, rates Joly as « an exceptional producer. [He] is the godfather of Saveniere. Connoisseurs have long known the legendary longevity and quality of his Coulée de Serrant vineyard. » Create your own legendary vintages drawing on his expertise.