Vineyard of the Coulée of Serrant

"I don’t only want a good wine but also a true wine"

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Photos from Coulée de Serrant's post

Connaissez vous le vieux dicton cistercien? : “brume du matin bonnifie le chenin” 😉

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Photos from Coulée de Serrant's post

Distinguons le jaune du vert!

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1ere journee avec un glorieux 5hl/ha..! On s’en rappelera de cette nuit du 26avril qui aura grillee la recolte!!

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  • Purchases on Internet

    We wish to inform our consumers that no old year of the Coulée of Serrant (former to 2002) be sold during these ten last years in supermarket or on the Internet. We cannot, in no case, to guarantee the quality of the wines bought by this means and will not be able to replace these […]

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  • Maturity of grape harvest

    It is important to show to the customers the impact of grape maturity on the taste of the wine. We harvest late on purpose to gain in complexity linked with a begining of over maturity; what we call a sort of oxydation on the the grape shouldn’t be understood as oxydation linked to a bad […]

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Opened everyday - except Sundays and public (French) holidays -
from 9 to 12AM & 2 to 6PM.

La Coulée de Serrant
49170 Savennières, France

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