Biodynamics course at the Coulée de Serrant

Working biodynamically is not a recipe, it is a long process during which we slowly come to appreciate and commune with the invisible yet tangible system that bring life to the earth. Our connection with this system has been worn down by modern-day society, and biodynamics allows us to reforge that link.

Winemakers must identify the specific needs of their vineyards in order for the vines to fully express their potential. This removes the need to resort to techniques in the cellar that repress a wine’s identity.



  • Description: This 15-person class will be held in an ancient monastery
  • Date: to be determined with the group
  • Place: Monastery of the Vieux Serrant – Coulée de Serrant – 49170 Savennières
  • Schedule: 9h-12h/14h-17h30
  • Price: 100€/person (based on a class size of 15)
  • Lunch is included
  • Contact here

This course will feature a tasting of several vintages of our wines.

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