3 thoughts on “Nicolas Joly Speaks: Godfather Of Biodynamic Wine

  1. Marcel Leemhuis says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Two years ago we tasted the Coullée de Serrant 1989, this 30 years old wine is something I will never forget! I brought the botle and not one person of our group of sommeliers believed it was so old. A dream, it was perfect! In 2018 I had a Vieux Clos 2004 which was also very good!
    I thought about this moments after tasting the Coullée de Serrant 2009 and 2016 next to each other last week which was very interestinh as well.
    Thank you for all your efforts to make this beautiful wines!

    With kind regards,
    Marcel Leemhuis.

  2. Mark Moodie says:

    A biodynamic question rather than a comment. I heard that Dr Steiner intended to give two more courses about agriculture in addition to the Koberwitz 1924 and the same person thought that you might know something about this, If you do would you mind telling me what you know or pointing me to where you read about this. Thank you.

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